What is StrongGreen™?

StrongGreen TM

StrongGreen™ is a composite material made of non-corrosive metal skins with a double tongue and groove interlocking system for vertical and horizontal structural strength [Strong] and a high density polyurethane core [Green (i.e. Energy Efficient)].

StrongGreen™ structural insulated panels (see photo above) replace the following components of a traditional "stick built" structure (see photo at right):

  • Top Plate
  • Studs
  • Sole Plate
  • Sheathing
  • Insulation

Traditional Stick Construction
Traditional Stick Construction

StrongGreen™ is a proprietary disaster resistant wall, floor and roof structural insulated panel system that:

  1. Serves as virtually the sole structural framing material in a building structure
  2. Offers superior benefit credentials in every category of building industry desired feature improvement, and...
  3. IT'S GREEN!

StrongGreen™ is a "best of both worlds" building material that "raises the bar" out of competitive reach with...

  • [STRONG] - Disaster Resistance
  • [GREEN] - 2X++ Energy Efficiency
  • [STRONG] - Long Economic Life
  • [GREEN] - Non-Toxic Components
  • [STRONG] - Resistance to Corrosion
  • [GREEN] - Prevents Insect Intrusion
  • [STRONG] - Termites and Mold Proof
  • [GREEN] - Recyclable Material
  • [STRONG] - Inherent Structural Strength
  • [GREEN] - Low Levels of Waste

StrongGreen TM Panel Cross-Section

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