Is "Green Building" That Important?

Natural disasters, rampantly escalating energy costs and growing concern for the well being of the environment have all combined to create a new standard for the way structures of all types are already starting to be built, and will certainly be built in the future. This standard has come to be known as "Green Building".

To ignore the arrival of this turning point in the global construction industry by building any structure using conventional methods and products is clearly a step into the past and represents an acceptance of a structure that will be less durable and significantly more costly to operate and utilize!


As a "structural insulated panel" (SIP) that represents both support (like 2 x 4's in conventional "stick" construction) and state of the art insulation in one flexible, easy to handle and quick to install panel, StrongGreen™ resoundingly qualifies as a "Green Building" product . . . and as a truly superior SIP, StrongGreen™ is the best of the best with numerous additional durability and performance benefits!

But don't take our word for it! Click on the links below and learn more about Green Building, then enjoy learning about how and why StrongGreen™ is your best choice for your Green Building project or need.

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